Remembering. Reclaiming. Embodying.

Thank you for finding your way here, my name is Simone. I am a Somatic Bodyworker, Womb Wellness Guide, Birth Keeper & Doula Mentor.

My work is centred around holding safe, loving  and trauma informed space, supporting those I connect with to come home to their own intuition, creativity, expression & bodily wisdom. I look forward to connecting with you whether through one to one sessions, birth keeping support or nourishing community gatherings.

A prayer of mine is to see & know women all over the world remembering & reconnecting to the wisdom of their hearts &  bodies. I want to see & celebrate women taking up space, cultivating their creative magic at all different stages of their lives. From maidenhood to motherhood, from the initiation of their first menstruation to the transitions through menopause. I want to see & know women living full lives, remembering, reclaiming and embodying forgotton wisdom, transmuting trauma and other impactful events that have inhibited their ability to feel, to create and to express themselves fully. May we all flow forward, moving from numbness back to sensation. May we learn to self regulate, bring loving awareness to pain and open new pathways to pleasure. 

That my loves, is our birthright.

Offerings & Services

Somatic Bodywork

A somatic modality of client led, consensual bodywork that enables you to explore pathways, tools & practices that support you coming home to your body.  A transformative way to feel, to transmute trauma and open direct routes to pleasure & embodied living.

Birth Keeping

Pregnancy, birth & postpartum doula services & including, education, treatments & sacred ceremonies. Empowering women & families to be aware of their rights, sovereignty and power to birth on their terms. Honouring the Mother as the sacred authority.

Womb Wellness

A wholistic approach to caring for your womb space & honouring your cyclical nature, taking into account the Four Domains of Health. Support with fertility, regulating hormones, healing & navigating conditions such as Endometriosis, Fibroids, Adenomyosis & PCOS.


Regularly held sacred circles, informative online classes as well as collaborative experiences, cacao communions, workshops & retreats. You can also keep up to date with events by following @themostsacredjourney on Instagram.


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