Heal Thy Self

In 2020, I was asked by Holistic Wellness Coach and beautiful soul Nehanda Truscott-Reid to write as a guest for her wonderful blog about still birth and pregnancy loss. I hope my share empowers & inspires all to know joy can still be felt after a baby has transitioned

Healing Through Loss  

In 2009, at 29 weeks pregnant my daughter was born still. Never would I have imagined a silence so loud, so deafening. I was 21 years old and newly married. I had spent months observing and feeling her developing patterns as she grew in the safety of my womb. I was looking forward to birthing my baby and hearing her precious murmurs. Somehow, on a rainy July afternoon, in a brief moment of a few words spoken by a doctor: “I’m so sorry but your baby no longer has a heartbeat” ~ all that myself, my husband and our families had been looking forward to, felt snatched from our reach, from our hearts. At that moment, I knew my path was altered forever. 

Losing a child is an experience that is forever imprinted on your heart. I want to just dive right in and say, it is so vital we recognise that loss is not a space for comparison, whether you or someone you know have experienced an early or late pregnancy loss, a stillbirth, an ectopic pregnancy, a missed miscarriage or any other kind of child loss, it is valid, it matters because you, your feelings, your heart, they all matter. How can we possibly compare or measure heartache? How dare we say another’s pain is lesser or greater than ours. We are here to be in connection and whilst of course, each of our experiences are different, every loss, every birth, every tear, every birthing person, every mama matters. We are not just navigating the loss of the baby but also the loss of a projected future, desires from the ocean of a mother’s heart dissolved, dreams unfulfilled. My loves, I want you all to know that loss is not the end of the road. My intention for this sharing is to inspire and empower, it is a sweet whisper to remind you that you are not alone. Please do not feel guilty, be ashamed or allow yourself to be silenced about your experience no matter what. Whilst I want to speak to having our voices heard on these experiences that unite so many of us, I also want to bring awareness to tools for healing.

There is a guiding light supporting you, willing you to dive into a place of deep healing, whenever YOU are ready to answer that call. That light is not found outside of ourselves, it is deep within us. As many of us will know healing is by no means linear, it is a journey and therefore requires us to travel, to move, to feel, to flow through. We hold so much in our bodies and as women in our sacral area and womb space, it is for the greater good of ourselves, our future, the earth, our ancestors and future generations that we heal, that we break toxic cycles and set ourselves free from suffering. 

The first step towards my healing was…… ( To read the full blog please head over to Soul Mama Journey https://soulmamajourney.com/2020/08/17/healing-through-loss-guest-blog-by-simone-dyer/ )

Nehanda is highly skilled at what she does and highly recommends her services. I have recommended clients I have doula’d to Nehanda for support and nourishment into Motherhood, the benefits for my clients are obvious and that fills me with joy. Community is everything…

All the Love,

Simone x