Womb Love Massage Oil


Soothing natural oil for self healing womb massage. Supporting you to connect with your sacred space of creativity ~

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This soothing massage oil will support you in deepening your connection to your womb. It is infused with intentions of pure unconditional love & healing ~


The womb is not just where we create babies, the womb is also a place for us to feel, create and birth our personal ideas & visions. Create sacred space & time for yourself. Light a candle, burn your favourite incense to stimulate your senses as you connect to your place of Divine creativity. Breathe into your heart and down to your womb, massage with one or both hands in gentle upwards motions, from your pubic bone, always upwards toward your heart space ~


Every womb needs and deserves to be honoured through sensual touch & connection.
As we nurture and heal our wombs, we heal the world ~



Olive Oil, Rose, Lavender, Calendula

100ml Reusable Glass Amber Bottle (screw cap)

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