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For women seeking holistic treatment & emotional support with fertility & for those journeying through IVF

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As women we carry so much, energetically in our womb space. This is the space from where we create, not just babies but it is our own intuitive portal and creative hub from which so much can be birthed. When there are physical and energetic blockages due to the emotional baggage, abuse and trauma we may be carrying it can be very difficult for life to come forth and for us to use the full depths of our creative magic. Beyond just the physical aspect of this treatment, through initial conversation we will also explore other potential contributing factors to your fertility journey. Just as we do with gardens we must tend to our wombs regularly, remove any weeds and unwelcome visitors. Then we plant seeds, create safe boundaries and nurture our garden to grow with great care and attention.

The female treatment is one of the main treatments used for supporting fertility. It is a gentle healing massage to the abdominal area to remove heat (using a hands off cupping technique), decongest blockages, restore energy flow and make space for fresh blood supply to enter the reproductive organs so that they can function more optimally.

The treatment takes place ideally on Day 23 of the cycle, day 1 of the cycle is the first day of the bleed if a period is present. If no period is present then the best dates for treatment will be discussed upon consultation. The treatment is most effective when taken as a course. Although fantastic results can be experienced after a single session, consistency and repetition are important for optimal support. Useful information and self care tips are also offered for support outside of sessions.

​Nurturing your garden treatment is also extremely beneficial for mothers going through the journey of IVF or any assisted conception methods.

Virtual Sessions ~ Due to the unfamiliar times I have adapted to being able to hold space virtually. So much of your fertility journey can be explored through energy work, speaking, visualisation and emotional release/healing. One or a few virtual sessions will help you to begin to explore some of the underlying emotional, spiritual and energetic layers, feel more heard and emotionally supported.

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60 min (Virtual Session), 90 mins


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