Womb Wellness

Healing womb spaces heal the world. I believe this with all my heart and I have the privilege to witness it before my own eyes. 

As we heal the wounds of our womb space, not only do we heal ourselves, we also get to partake in the healing of our lineage and the generations to come. We get to break toxic cycles, uproot the weeds in order to nurture the garden of conscious creativity. After all, we are the mothers, the nurturers, the ones that carry and give birth to new life, not just in the form of children but also to our dreams, visions & hearts desires. 

Womb wellness sessions may include the use of guided meditation, visualisation, massage, sound and movement.

How can womb wellness support you?

  • Cultivating your creativity

  • Learn to live in tune with your cyclical nature

  • Healing through loss & grief
  • Conscious conception (of a baby and/or your visions)

  • Relief & healing from menstrual discomforts, cramps and irregularity

  • Guidance on healing Fibroids, Cysts, PCOS

  • Physical, emotional, spiritual fertility support

  • Healing from birth complications, trauma and abuse 

  • Transitioning out of unhealthy relationships

  • Yoni steaming & douching guidance

I currently work from two locations: Streatham SW16 & Hackney E5. 


Energetically Powerful

I can truly recommend Simone’s womb healing sessions for every single woman, who wants to feel more connected to their bodies and cycles. Our sessions have been soothing, nurturing and so energetically powerful. After a couple sessions I’ve already seen physical and emotional changes in my hormones, my cycle has gone from 100 days to 35 days and I feel more aligned to my womb than ever before. Her sessions are the best medicine and self care that any woman can invest in themselves ~