A really simple message to share today ~

Please Heal.

Heal what you might ask? Anything niggling inside you, holding you back, causing you to play small, causing you fear. Heal your inner child, your ego thats running the show & ruining your connections & relationships. Heal your ancestry, your traumas, relationships with your parents, your children. Heal your womb, heal your destructive patterns and your unhealthy learnt behaviours. HEAL YOUR HEART. Heal so you can be the fullest, highest expression of your soul here on Earth. You deserve to be, know, give and feel pure unconditional LOVE. 

The only way is to heal yourself from the inside out. Not everything at once, feel whats present, what resonates and Do what YOU can, one day at a time ~

Healing cant just be a cliche anymore, some distant unreachable thing you hear about. YOU gotta do your work. I’m not here to sell dreams, its a journey, its not easy, it gets messy but it is worth it & absolutely necessary for you, us and our future generations ~

Are you worth it? Are the children worth it? YES. The answer is YES.

Simple message complete.

All the Love ~