Somatic & Sexological Bodywork

“Holding safe, compassionate space for the remembrance of forgotten wisdom, reconnection to sovereignty & healing from the painful imprints that cause us to live at a distance from our hearts & bodies.”

Into the body…

Our biography lives in our biology and our bodies really do keep the score. There are many ways in which we can choose to feel, heal and move through trauma, in my personal experience and my work so far, there is something deeply transformative when we begin to journey somatically, in other words into and through our bodies, relearning how to honour our capacity in any given moment and to bring nurture to the most tender parts of ourselves.

Somatic & Sexological bodywork are modalities that provide experiential opportunity to journey into a deeper sense of embodied living, loving and expressing. Sessions are an informed, consensual journey towards an increased capacity to feel, to notice, track sensations as well as begin to experience aliveness in numbness. 

We are all deserving of our own radical acceptance. In this space you get to hear the whispers of your heart through connection to the wisdom of your body, you get to feel and to heal. My work is to hold a safe, trauma informed space and be a compassionate witness in powerful moments of your journey home to you.

Working somatically can support with:

  • Reconnection to self & body
  • Reconnection to womb & body after pregnancy, postpartum, abortion or miscarriage
  • Learning about bodily anatomy, own and/or others
  • Postpartum & Birth Trauma Healing
  • Scar Tissue Remediation
  • Pelvic Floor Health

  • Recovering from sexual trauma & abuse

  • Moving through grief
  • Exploring personal pleasure practise

  • Exploring orgasm, orgasmic regulation & ejaculatory choice

  • Support with relationship to addiction/s

  • Support with discovering sexual preferences & curiosity

  • Healing ancestral & social sexual wounding
  • Relationship to creative & sexual energy
  • Loss of libido/sex drive

  • Arousal & erotic fluency

  • Experiencing painful sex

  • Exploring boundaries

  • Finding your voice within Intimacy
  • Exploring embodied consent

  • Being witnessed

  • Support with personal leadership & showing up

  • Wanting to know how to pleasure others

  • Identifying desires & how to communicate them

  • Building sexual confidence

Postpartum Reclamation & Healing

A safe space to be able to reconnect with your body after the initiation of childbirth. These somatic bodywork sessions are supportive to those wanting to accept & heal through difficult and or traumatic birth experiences. Sessions can also include scar tissue remediation and massage.

Embodied Coaching

Transformational bodywork sessions where you get to learn how to notice and track sensation in your body. Whether you want to regulate your nervous system, learn about your anatomy, transmute trauma or get in touch with your own pleasure & erotic fluency, these sessions are rich in embodied learning & somatic experiencing.

Couples Guidance

Want to explore and expand the ways in which you and your partner relate with your energy & your bodies? Sexological Bodywork sessions are a powerful, educational way for couples to better understand each other, revitalise their relationships, cultivate pleasure and deepen their intimacy.

I currently work from two locations: Streatham SW16 & Hackney E5.