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For women experiencing menstrual cycle discomfort, irregularities & other reproductive health related conditions such as endometriosis, fibroids, polyps etc…

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We are all cyclical beings. It is important and beneficial to understand our bodies and as women to be in touch with our menstrual cycle. Many of us were not introduced to our cycle or period in a positive way and have never really understood its sacredness and teachings. Many of us have felt that a period is a monthly inconvenience we could just do without, however, if we take the time to understand our cycles beyond just our bleeding, much deeper insight and self awareness can be discovered. Well with my womb uses the creative healing female treatment amongst other techniques to remove heat (using a hands off cupping technique) from the womb space, decongest blockages, restore energy flow and support the flow of a fresh blood supply to the reproductive organs. It is calming and allows space for you to be present with yourself and your body.

Energetic blockages from previous trauma and emotional baggage are a very significant contributing factor to discomfort & dis-ease in the womb space. During these sessions as well as massage, we are listening to what the womb may be trying to communicate. This allows you to acknowledge and begin to release what emotions may have become trapped if you so choose. I will also offer guidance on how you can work in collaboration with your cycle as your personal guide to understanding your body and your moods.

The treatment takes place on Day 23 of the cycle, day 1 of the cycle is the first day of the bleed if a period is present. If no period is present then the best dates for treatment will be discussed upon consultation. The treatment is most effective when taken as a course. Although fantastic results can be experienced after a single session, consistency and repetition are important for maintaining wellness. Useful tips are also offered for practice outside of sessions.

The female treatment supports the healing of the following:

– Menstrual discomfort & cramps
– Irregular Menstrual Cycles
– Endometriosis
– Fibroids & Polyps
– Womb Trauma/Abuse
– Unexplained ability to conceive

Virtual Sessions ~ Due to the unfamiliar times I have adapted the way I work to be able to hold space virtually. So much of your self care & womb wellness journey can be explored virtually through speaking, releasing energetic blockages, visualisation and emotional healing. One or a few virtual sessions will help you to begin to explore some of what may be physically manifesting as pain, discomfort or dis-ease in your body.

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60 min (Virtual Session), 60 min, 90 min

1 review for Well With Your Womb ~ Gift Voucher

  1. Bianca

    Myyy Goodness, I am still in a beautiful state of bliss after my intuitive healing session today. Simone made me feel completely safe, nurtured and loved from the very start and I slipped away to another place entirely during my treatment. Imagine gifting heaven as a gift voucher?! ~well you actually can! Deep thanks and appreciation.

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