Birth Keeping

A birth keeper or doula is a gatekeeper, a protector of sacred space and an advocate for ‘doing no harm’ to this beautiful physiological process. They are a source of spiritual, emotional, informational and practical support to a mother throughout her pregnancy, birth and after a baby is born whilst always upholding that the Mother is always the lead authority over her body & experience. Birthkeepers understand & honour the sacred power of birth and supports the mother through a letting go of an old version of herself, through a deeply transformative passage out of which a new mother emerges, having retrieved her new baby, both so sacred & precious.

I believe that as well as being a life altering emotional and physiological experience, pregnancy, childbirth and parenthood are also such deep spiritual, sacred journeys that will be forever imprinted on your heart. 

As you navigate these transitions I will provide you with a safe space to be heard, held and seen, to birth in the way that makes YOU feel safe. I will support you to be as fully informed as possible about your rights and your sovereignity. I will hold space for you to work through any fears and concerns whilst reminding you of your power & innate ability to birth your baby & trust the physiological process. Connection and energy play such a difinitive part of a mother – doula relationship. It is so important that you feel free and at ease with me, and I with you if it is aligned for us to journey this path together.

Birth Doula


Preparation really is key, as your birth doula I will offer an agreed amount of antenatal visits & post natal visits. During prenatal visits we will talk about your expectations, intentions and desires for your pregnancy & birth, as well as discussing any fears, previous births or pregnancies and exploring birth physiology. I will support you to cultivate a birth vision that feels good and appropriate for you. I often incorporate guided meditation and visualisation which are beautiful and powerful tools to use in birth preparation sessions. I will also guide you on how to prepare for the weeks after your baby is born. As your doula I will be available by phone and text whenever you need me. At 38 weeks of pregnancy I will be on call 24 hours a day and will be by your side once labour begins, as soon as you feel the time is right. During your labour and birth, I will be there to support you and your partner to feel empowered, help you make informed choices, massage you through surges, as well as facilating communication with others that may be present, advocating for your choices to be honoured. I will be totally present with you until your baby is born, your placenta is delivered and you are all settled. Doula care does not end once your baby is born. I will always visit at least once after birth to check in on how you are settling in, as well as to de brief your birth experience should you wish to do so. I will also be at the end of the phone between visits.

Post Natal Doula


As a post natal doula I am able to come to your home and offer support with whatever you may need, be it watching the baby whilst you get some rest or go for a walk, help with other children, cooking, helping with light house work or just being with you to chat about your joys and/or your concerns. If you have read through my treatments page you will know that I also offer massage treatments and tummy wrapping during pregnancy and after birth. To be able to treat my clients is an extra special gift. Postnatal treatments are a beautiful way to nurture your body, mind and spirit after giving birth. I use creative healing massage (as taught by Dr Gowri Motha – Gentle Birth Method) as well as ayurvedic and shiatsu techniques to help you relax, regain strength and replenish your energy. Tummy wrapping & binding are also wonderful ways to support and restore your physical body after childbirth. It is my intention to offer you the best support so that you feel nurtured and are able to bond with and enjoy your new baby.

Supporting mothers & families as they welcome new life is truly a gift and I will continue to be a keeper at these sacred gates. If what you have read so far resonates with you, to find out more about my offerings and the exchange for them please drop me an email that includes: your estimated birth month &  your location. I look forward to connecting with you.


Doula Appreciation

Its only been a few days since i gave birth and every time i think about the whole experience my entire being fills with such a huge sense of gratitude for this amazing woman. My labour did not go as planned but Simone really helped to shape it into the magical experience it was.

To be honest, when i first was looking into hiring a doula, i didn’t really know completely why i was, I just knew that i needed one and in a dream, i saw Simone and heard her name. It was like my baby was telling me who we needed to go with. Since we started working together, Simone made me feel so relaxed and was always very present with us during every encounter which meant a lot and allowed me to put complete trust in her (which is not an easy thing do!).

Throughout labour, she was amazingly supportive, practical and understanding amongst other things. She held space for us all so beautifully. It dawned on me during the last few weeks of pregnancy that not only was i preparing for the birth of my child but i was also preparing for the birth of myself as a mother and just like my baby, i need mothering too and that’s why doulas are needed.

I would highly recommend every expecting mother to have a doula by her side or a doula type of birth partner as well as her birth partner. Doulas are worth every single penny and this one is worth that and so much more! Hayden, Orion and Myself are eternally grateful for you. We just want to let you know how much we appreciate you. So much LOVEEEE!

Reneice & Hayden

A Fathers Story

Being an expecting father for the first time I was somewhat ambiguous with what to expect with the whole pregnancy and after birth. When my wife first raised the idea of a doula – I must admit I was a bit perplexed with what a doula was and the benefit it would have on our family. After speaking with Simone and having in-depth conversations I started to become more reassured with how to support my wife through the pregnancy and baby when she arrived. 

The level of information and clarity helped me to support my wife during this time and the extra information which the NHS did not provide helped immensely to plug my knowledge gaps.

Having a doula during this pandemic was a godsend. Having an expert professional opinion outside of the NHS helped my wife and I be as prepared as we could be.

I cannot recommend Simone enough both for the pre and post birth activities and glad we were blessed enough to have her support as a doula.

Thank you for everything and look forward to bringing you on our journey for our next child! ~


Thank you x


Valuable Information

My journey to pregnancy was not straight forward – having stage four endometriosis meant numerous medical procedures and a pressure to conceive during “windows of opportunity” after surgeries. After a long stretch of trying and the stress that came with that process, we spontaneously conceived when we actively stopped putting pressure on ourselves to get pregnant. It was at that point I decided I did not want my pregnancy to be treated in the same way my medical issues had been – being pregnant was a gift, and a positive and natural process, and that is how I wanted to embrace the journey ahead.

Labour is a different experience for everyone but I cannot stress enough how valuable having the support of a doula was for me. Simone helped me through an early, unpredictable labour which developed quite differently to my initial ‘vision’. Rather than me see it as negative, she helped me cultivate the right mindset to get through feeling empowered and encouraged me not to give up on maintaining the kind of birth I wanted. She was my advocate when the medical staff pressured me against my wishes and with her support I was able to have my baby safely and how I preferred. Although I could list a wealth of practical support Simone offered, her genuine care, warmth and positive energy is what makes her so wonderful to have with you especially at such a vulnerable time when medical staff are constantly changing shifts, she offered me constant attention, care and support throughout.

My doula package included postpartum treatments too which have been so helpful – the postpartum stage often gets forgotten when busy preparing for baby’s arrival and then the fourth trimester hits you and you realise you really need just as much care and support, if not more as your newborn is here and needs you to be well enough to take of them and does not understand you’re healing too! Simone has also been there remotely to help me navigate this new chapter in my life, it has been overwhelming at times but knowing you are not alone gives such reassurance.

One thing that has stood out for me is that you never feel like you’re ‘just another client’ or on the clock with Simone. She shows genuine care and concern for your well being even outside of sessions. In particular, I’ve noticed such kindness in her researching and relaying valuable information and reaching out about any issues I might have been experiencing so I have never felt alone or unsupported – being pregnant and delivering during a global pandemic, having Simone there or happily available at the end of the phone has been most comforting.

It is the experienced, tailored, but most of all holistic approach Simone has which most reassures someone like myself, who has gone through traumas, many medical issues and fertility struggles and I honestly could not recommend her services as a doula and healer enough! I also know in my heart she gives just as much to her other clients too – her love for her work is intrinsic and knowing that I knew I would be in the best hands, and I was. Thank you Simone for all you have done and continue to do for myself and baby. You are such a positive force on all who meet and know you! ~


An Instant Connection

Simone was our guiding light throughout the birth of our first son. Our birth was transformed because of Simone’s presence. I had received creative healing treatments throughout my pregnancy from Simone and knew instantly that I wanted her support and guidance throughout our birth. The unknown scenarios and possibilities of birth can be a daunting experience – it was important for me that both my partner and I had someone there to hold and guide us in those moments of uncertainty. Simone did this and more. 

 We both had an instant connection with Simone. She is loving, warm and gentle, whilst armed with knowledge and wisdom of woman and birth well beyond her years. She is one of earths guides, both spiritually and emotionally. She was our pilar throughout our birth. 

 There aren’t words to describe how blessed I feel to have found Simone and to have had her presence at one of life’s most transformational moments. 

 Physically I could not have got through my birth without Simone, she was our rock, applying pressure to my back throughout every contraction for over 12 hours – I don’t know how she does it. Whilst also offering my parter the emotional support he needed throughout our labour. Having her there allowed the two of us to feel at complete ease, trust in the process and open ourselves to all that was coming our way. Together three of us were able to create a beautiful cocoon of love and nurture that in the end was the sole reason I believe I had such a calm and beautiful birth. 

 I wish every woman in this world could have Simone at their birth – her love and presence is something that stays with you far past those moments of delivery. 

 She is special beyond words and I do hope we are lucky enough to have her at each of our births. 

You made this experience for both of us, thank you. 

Love always,

Elise & Julian xxx


Magic Hands

It’s impossible to put into words what good seeing Simone has brought to my life. The most obvious result was the smooth arrival of our daughter after over a year of trying to conceive.

But more than that (as if that weren’t enough!), the warm, caring cocoon of an environment that Simone creates, her careful listening and seemingly magic hands gave me the space and energy to confront and manage years worth of grief and transformed my attitude towards my post-mastectomy body.

I’ve never been more comfortable in my own skin and with my own femininity. I can’t thank you enough. Your work is a joy and an inspiration.

Lorna x

A Beautiful Kind Soul

Simone’s is simply wonderful! She helped me prepare and plan for my birth every step of the way, helping me exceed all expectations with a serene, peaceful, natural birth and thanks to her healing hands I made a swift recovery and I am certain her calm and  warm temperament has been passed directly on to my baby boy!

“My birth was a truly special, momentous life occasion which will stay with us forever. I truly feel Simone played the major role in realising that goal.”

As soon as I fell pregnant, I realised that a natural birth was the way for me. Woman have been giving birth for thousands of years with no intervention and I wanted to trust in my body’s ability to give birth the way it’s designed to.

In order to give me the best chance of having a natural birth I decided to follow a Gentle Birth Method which focuses on a healthy diet, yoga and light exercise and treatments such as reiki, reflexology, cranial sacral therapy and creative healing.

I was lucky enough to meet Simone at The Whittington Hospital where she was a practicing therapist there. The connection between us was instant – perhaps because we are Piscean sisters! Simone is such a beautiful and kind soul; you are drawn to her wonderful energy and healing hands. Simone has an incredible talent at what she does. Her ability to tap into your body and mind and help heal is truly amazing – almost magical! My husband and I always joke that she has a magic wand hidden somewhere.

I was lucky enough to be able to have a number of creative healing treatments with her in the lead up to my birth which made a huge difference to my body as having trained as a dancer in previous years and leading an athletic and active lifestyle I was very tight in the pelvic area and have very tight ligaments and fascia throughout my body, something that isn’t ideal for childbirth. Simone helped soften these tissues and did a huge amount of work on my organs making sure they were healthy and energetic which would help during childbirth.  I always feel that she gives her all when it comes to treatments, putting in so much energy and time.

“With Simone’s help massaging my sacral vertebrae and sweeping movements to help move baby’s head towards a more natural position I was able to ride our thee difficult contractions with no pain relief.”

My birth was a truly special, momentous life occasion which will stay with us forever. I truly feel Simone played the major role in realising that goal. My contractions started really hard and fast – so much so that my husband didn’t believe me when I said I needed to go to the hospital. I was examined upon arrival and was told that I was already 5 centimetres dilated. All the visualisation techniques and preparation with Simone had helped me move quickly through these early stages. At this stage though all my contractions were in my back and I had sharp pains in my sciatic nerve with each contraction. With Simone’s help massaging my sacral vertebrae and sweeping movements to help move baby’s head towards a more natural position I was able to ride our thee difficult contractions with no pain relief. Within a short time, I was fully dilated and started pushing without the need to be examined again. The pushing stage was a little longer than we all anticipated as I was a little too relaxed at the start and it took me a while to understand how to ‘push’. The feeling when our son emerged was surreal and, amazing, I caught him in my arms in the water and it was a life defining moment – truly empowering. Our son Jack has the most wonderful calm nature and we can’t help but think that Jack has inherited this from Simone through the birth.

“Having Simone’s post-natal treatments felt like being wrapped up in cotton wool and it was truly amazing how much energy returning to me after I had each session.”

The days immediately after the birth is a real blur for me. We had far more guests than I would have liked, and it was too much of a busy period which was hard when your body is sore and recovering from the birth and really you should just be in bed. Having Simone’s post-natal treatments felt like being wrapped up in cotton wool and it was truly amazing how much energy returning to me after I had each session. My body also bounced back incredible quickly and really makes you marvel at the beauty of life.

Simone means a huge amount to us as a family and played a very important role during my pregnancy, birth and post-natal. We feel very blessed as a family to have built such a connection with Simone and one of the most unexpected highlights has been forming such a close friendship with her. I think given the true passion and energy she ours into her work I can’t imagine how one would not from a truly close connection with her!

Tash & Dan x

Birth attended with and under the supervision and guidance of Dr Marie Gowri Motha, Gentle Birth Method ~

Spoke Life Into Me

The love I have for Simone is crazy! She is not only my friend, she’s my mentor (without her even knowing it lol), she’s the Doula who helped coach me into bringing Amaris earth-side. She rubbed my back, helped me breathe, spoke life into me when I felt defeated, watched over me as I contracted in and out of sleep in the bath & kept saying “sorry” which she cusses me for lol, was the calm energy when things were hectic! She is the epitome of peace, you know when someone just has that energy, that is Sim!


A Joyful Experience

I started creative healing sessions with Simone back in March of 2018 and they have been such a joyful experience. At that time I had been struggling with menstrual cycle issues and some fertility concerns due to a prolactinoma for close to a year. My husband and I were keen to start a family and so my intention was to assist my body in getting more aligned and in balance and so I was so excited about starting my creative healing sessions.

The first session was beautiful. I felt relaxed and Simone made me feel so comfortable and at ease. Her studio is peaceful and calming and the treatment left me feeling nurtured, loved and accomplished as I knew that I was helping my body to heal.

I continued sessions monthly for 3 months and saw how the consistency was enabling my body to feel more balanced but also was becoming a part of my self care regime which I looked forward to. At the end of my 3rd session, Simone shared that energetically something significant was going to occur in my next menstrual cycle – and to my surprise after 2 years of challenges – my husband and I found out that we were expecting our first child! I was overjoyed and was so grateful for the added support that the Creative Healing sessions had made on my healing process.

During my pregnancy I have also continued sessions and they have greatly assisted me in not only maintaining my physical well-being but also emotionally supported me in the transition to becoming a mum. I’m so grateful for the support that Simone and the sessions have provided me and would 100% recommend her services to all women 

~ Afryea